Dragon Solitaire Online

Dragon solitaire can be an intimidating form of the game to those who’ve never played it before. Compared to more common variations of solitaire, the rules can seem difficult to grasp and the path to winning seems fraught with difficulty.

We’re going to look at everything you need to know to master this tricky game, whether you’re a beginner patience player or a veteran.

What is Dragon Solitaire?

Dragon solitaire is a variation of the patience card game Chinese solitaire in which you build foundations in the same suit. It is fundamentally very similar to more common forms of solitaire like Klondike, and yet the subtle differences in how it’s played can make a big difference in the experience. 

Let’s look at the rules for how to play. 

How to play Dragon Solitaire 

  1. Foundations: In Dragon Solitaire, you will start with four empty foundation piles. You can play any ace into these piles and you must build them up by suit starting at the ace. 
  2. Tableau: Dragon Solitaire uses seven tableau piles, with a custom number of cards dealt to each. All cards will be face up, and any card is available for play, though you have to move the whole stack. In dragon solitaire, you can only build tableaus with cards of the same suit. So, a seven of clubs must go on an eight of clubs. 
  3. Reserve: Finally, you have a reserve pile from which you can only draw once. 

How to win Dragon Solitaire 

To win at Dragon Solitaire, you must build up the four foundations with every card from each suit. There’s elements of both luck and strategy in Dragon Solitaire – you must carefully consider each move to avoid becoming stuck. Not all deals are winnable. 


Now we will turn to some of the most common questions players have about Dragon Solitaire. 

Is it possible to win several times in a row?

It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll win several times in a row in Dragon Solitaire, but it is entirely possible. 

Are there different versions of dragon solitaire?

Dragon Solitaire is itself a variation of Chinese Solitaire. These are the two main versions of this form of solitaire. 

Is there a secret tactic for winning the game? 

There is no one single tactic for winning Dragon Solitaire. You must be strategic about how you build your tableaus to make all cards available, beyond that it is largely a question of luck. Carefully consider each and every move.