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Recharge your mind by playing free online Mahjong games full screen. We are here to help you learn their essential features. While Mahjong itself is quite a complicated game played with more than a hundred tiles, online Mahjong is a unique combination of Mahjong and Solitaire games. Below, we’ll tell you what you need to know to play Mahjong full screen and how to increase your chances of winning.

How to Play Online Mahjong

Online Mahjong is a highly popular and accessible game. You can play Mahjong full screen on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It will give you an uninterrupted experience and can help delve into the process better. Below, you will find the most important information about this game.

Basic Gameplay: Objective, Tiles, and Rules

Online Mahjong is also played with tiles but it follows the scheme of Solitaire games. A player is given a set of 144 tiles and has to select suitable ones step by step. The goal of the game is to clear the tableau completely, having 72 pairs of tiles collected.

Starting a Game: A Layout

Mahjong full screen games can have slightly different layouts: a traditional one (looking like two mirrored letters E), a diamond shape called Pyramid, and a Square. It is not very quick and easy to make such a layout, so there is no surprise many people prefer online Mahjong Solitaire games. Moreover, with so many unwinnable layouts, you may end up setting up tha game longer than actually playing.

A tableau contains all the 144 tiles distributed into rows with the biggest number of tiles on the bottom and only one tile on the top. There are also other layouts that make a game either more complicated or simpler, so you can search for different online Mahjong full screen games.

Types of Tiles

There are several types of tiles in Mahjong Solitaire full screen games:

  • 36 tiles with dots, from 1 dot up to 9.
  • 36 tiles with 1 to 9 bamboo pieces.
  • 36 tiles with Chinese characters for numbers from 1 to 9.
  • Honor tiles:
    • 16 tiles with Winds (four for every cardinal direction)
    • 12 tiles with Dragons, including red, green, and white ones.
  • Bonus tiles:
    • 4 tiles with Seasons
    • 4 tiles with Flowers.
What Tiles Can Be Paired?

There are two aspects to consider when pairing tiles: their style and their accessibility. In free Mahjong full screen games, you have all the standard types of tiles, including honor tiles and bonus tiles. As for the first aspect, you should remember the following:

  • All the basic types (dots, bamboo, and characters) have four identical sets of tiles valued from 1 to 9. So, you can pair any identical tiles from these groups: three dots with another three dots, and so on.
  • Since Winds and Dragons have identical sets as well, you should pair identical tiles within these groups.
  • Bonus tiles (Seasons and Flowers) can be paired with one another, although each tile has a unique design.

However, you can only pair available tiles. Here is how to know if they are open or closed in any way:

  • An available tile you can pair is the one with one of its longer sides open.
  • Any tile with none of its longer sides opened is not available.

On some websites that offer free online Mahjong games full screen, the definition of an available tile may differ. Check the rules of the game beforehand to know the specifics of the game on the chosen website.

Other Types of Mahjong Games

The Mahjong game you usually play online full screen is actually a combination of the traditional Chinese Mahjong game with Solitaire. Chinese Mahjong, on the other hand, is played by four people (two or three in rare cases) that don’t pair tiles but create winning sequences using them. The objective of the game is not to clear the tableau either—traditional Mahjong ends when any player completes their winning combination of tiles.

There is also a simpler option called American Mahjong. It uses eight Joker tiles that can replace any other tile. The tiles used for this game also have Arabic numbers to simplify and speed up the process.

However, these Mahjong options are more difficult and require more time to grasp. If you want to just distract yourself from routine and test your attention, start with free Mahjong full screen games.

How to Win at Online Mahjong

Not all Mahjong Solitaire layouts are winnable. Sometimes, it may take time to understand if the game is worth continuing or if you need to restart. Below, you will find several tips that will help you enjoy the process either way:

  1. Focus on longer rows. Remember that only the tiles one longer side open can be removed (depending on the website providing a game). If you have two or more options to pair with the chosen tile, choose the one that reveals more new tiles or shortens a row.
  2. Think ahead. Use your strategic thinking skills to identify what tiles will bring you more successful combinations later.
  3. Use extra options. Mahjong full screen games have hints and shuffling to help you out. It is recommended to use these moves as a last resort, but in fact, you can use them at any time.
  4. Use hints wisely. It is better to use hints to identify available tiles but not follow the clues blindly. Sometimes, you can find a better combination yourself to reveal more helpful tiles.
  5. Train your memory. The more locations of specific tiles you can remember, the easier it will be for you to plan the next moves.

Play Mahjong Solitaire Online

Playing Mahjong full screen is a simple way to unwind. These Mahjong Solitaire games are relatively simple to learn, don’t take much time to complete, and come in a number of variations. Choose the website you like and start playing for free!


Get answers to all your questions!

Can I play free online Mahjong games in full-screen mode on any device?

Yes! Free Mahjong full screen games are available on any device. You can play using your PC, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. There are apps you can download as well as websites offering this game online.

Are the rules of online Mahjong the same as traditional Mahjong?

The rules of full screen Mahjong Solitaire and traditional Mahjong differ. The only identical feature is a set of tiles divided into specific categories. Thus, in Mahjong Solitaire, you have to clear the tableau by pairing the same tiles. In traditional Mahjong, players collect a limited number of different tiles to create winning sequences. 

Are there different difficulty levels available in free online Mahjong games?

Mahjong full screen games are not that simple by default, but you can also try different difficulty levels. For example, try different shapes of the layout, starting from traditional ones and proceeding with more unique shapes. Some websites and apps also offer a choice of difficulty level, you can check it beforehand in the settings.