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Classic Mahjong Online

Mahjong Classic is without doubt one of the most popular single player games around. It has been popular in some forms for a very long time, though free classic Mahjong games online have made the game more popular and widely available than ever. The great thing about free classic Mahjong is that it’s really easy to pick up, but very difficult to master—there are lots of benefits to this great game, so let’s look at a complete guide to playing the game.

How to Play Mahjong Classic 

Mahjong classic is a game that you can play for free online today. Classic Mahjong free online is available all over the internet; and so accessing it is simpler than ever. The aim of the game is to match up tiles based on the design or pattern they feature on the front. The tiles are arranged in such a way that not all are available right from the start.

Mahjong classic is a strategic game that requires careful thinking and planning, though at first it can seem like a very simple exercise. You’ll quickly realize that there’s a lot more to it than that, so let’s look at the rules in specifics.

Rules of Mahjong Classic

The rules of free online Mahjong classic are as follows: 

  1. Every move you make is matching two tiles up. Not all tiles can be matched straight away, but the fundamental aim is to match up tiles and remove them. 
  2. Tiles must be free at either longer side to be matched up. If they are blocked to the left or the right, or if there is a tile on top, they cannot be paired. 
  3. Classic Mahjong layout contains four levels of tiles, with the fewest at the top and the greatest number at the bottom of the layers. 
  4. There are 144 tiles, with four sets of tiles and the rest being pairs. 

How to Win Mahjong Classic 

Winning a Mahjong classic game is harder than you might think and will require more strategic thinking. It’s very easy to get stuck in the game and find that you’re no longer in a position to match any more tiles. Here are the best tips for avoiding that: 

  1. Strategy and careful playing is the key. If there is one piece of advice you take away, let it be this: try and think strategically several steps ahead. Planning like this will make you more likely to be able to make more moves. 
  2. Always work from the top down. Again, you always want as many moves as possible available to you—focussing on the top layers first makes this easier to do and makes you less likely to get stuck. 
  3. Don’t match any pair if it doesn’t reveal more moves. Before you match a pair, think about whether doing so will unlock more moves—if not, leave it for now and find another. 
  4. Be careful about your shuffling. Shuffling can be useful in Mahjong classic, but you should try and keep it to a minimum so you can use it when you really need it.