Solitaire Mahjong For Free

History says the first versions of solitaire were played with tiles instead of cards, and Mahjong solitaire is a good way to try this approach out. This game differs from the classic variations like Klondike or FreeCell, so you’ll find Mahjong solitaire exciting if you want to try something new.

They say you can play Mahjong solitaire with cards or set it up by yourself. However, the layout is more complicated, and there is a chance to spend time building an unwinnable hand. So, if you just want to get familiar with Mahjong solitaire, start with playing Mahjong solitaire online, and we are here to explain the rules and tips that will make this experience more exciting.

What Makes Mahjong Solitaire Different

Online Mahjong can truly refresh your opinion about solitaire games. Here is how Solitaire Mahjong differs from the usual ones:

  • Mahjong solitaire is played with tiles instead of cards.
  • While in the majority of classic solitaire games, you create specific sequences and arrange cards by suit, Mahjong solitaire requires you to pair matching tiles. The most similar game, in this case, is Pyramid solitaire, where you have to pair cards that add up to 13.
  • The scheme of the layout is similar: in Mahjong solitaire, you also have layers where some tiles are open and others are blocked. But the layers are arranged radially and are shaped differently.
  • Mahjong solitaire comprises 144 tiles while the classic version has 52 cards, so the game flow usually takes longer to complete.
  • Even though Mahjong solitaire has more movable elements, the variety of tiles is wider as well. So, the Mahjong difficulty level is relatively higher.

How to Play Mahjong Solitaire

When you decide to play online Mahjong solitaire, free websites usually have a brief description of the rules. Still, you’ll get involved in the Mahjong gaming process faster if you know the basic principles in advance. You won’t need to refer to the rules every few minutes and enjoy the process more. Below, we explain the features of the Mahjong solitaire layout as well as the steps and moves to make.

  1. At the beginning of a Mahjong solitaire game, you have 144 tiles with a number of patterns. They are arranged into five layers, where the bottom is the biggest and the top one may have only one tile.
  2. To win the Mahjong game, you should clear the layout completely by making pairs of tiles of matching patterns.
  3. Movable tiles are the ones that can be moved to the left or to the right without any obstacles. If you play Mahjong solitaire online, the program will simply not react to your attempts to move blocked tiles.
  4. You can pair Mahjong tiles from any level, not only the same one if they are open.

Basically, the gaming process is pretty straightforward. The difficulties lay in the limited number of movable tiles compared to the big variety of tiles’ designs. But no worries, there are some clues for Mahjong solitaire that will simplify it for you and still fit the rules.

What Else You Need to Know About Mahjong Solitaire

There are several tips and strategies that help win Mahjong Solitaire, but in fact, sometimes you just need to delve deeper into the rules to find beneficial shortcuts. Here are the two main ones:

  • You can reshuffle the stuck-up layout. Yes, if you find yourself unable to pair any tiles because of obvious blocks in the layout, you can choose the reshuffle option. It won’t reset the progress, and you’ll simply continue playing Mahjong having new opportunities.
  • You can match non-identical tiles sometimes. It may sound a bit contradictory to the previous baseline rule, but the truth is in the details. The designs of Mahjong tiles belong to specific groups: characters, winds, bamboo, seasons, circles, and flowers. Each group also has several variations within it, so the Mahjong tiles should be identical to be paired even if they belong to the same group. However, there is a lucky catch: the Mahjong tiles of flowers and seasons can be matched within the category without limitations.

Knowing the theory is good, but nothing helps to understand the game better than the chance to play Mahjong solitaire online for free. Check it on our website, try to solve a couple of hands using the above-mentioned information, and you’ll see if Mahjong solitaire is a good leisure activity for you. To make this experience smoother, here are some extra tips and strategies that contribute to winning the game of Mahjong solitaire.

8 Best Mahjong Solitaire Tips and Strategies

Focus on Bigger Layers First

This tip is simple to tips given for classic solitaire. The bugger the layer is, the more tiles you can uncover there and the more options you can get. Try to choose the matching Mahjong tiles in the bottom layer first, and then proceed with the upper ones. Remember that sometimes the Mahjong tiles may not be identical, you can use this tip to your advantage!

Think Strategically

When making a move, try to predict what its consequences will be. Will it uncover more tiles? Will it uncover useful tiles? Do you have any chain of moves in your mind? All this can make your experience of playing Mahjong solitaire not only fun but also beneficial for your brain.

Uncover Tiles Every Time

Try to make sure each and every one of your Mahjong solitaire moves uncovers at least one new tile. In this case, you will have more and more options. Seeing more revealed Mahjong tiles also reduces frustration and makes the process more engaging.

Avoid Making Only Simple Moves

This tip is closely related to the previous one. It is so appealing to resolve the simplest pairs first, but sometimes, it leads to having all the other tiles blocked and makes the Mahjong solitaire game unsolvable. Focus on uncovering new essential possibilities rather than clearing the obvious pairs promptly.

Check the Tiles Covering the Same Ones

This case can be critical for the whole Mahjong game flow since they cannot be paired in this case. Try your best to start resolving it early. Seek the same designs and make it your priority to clear the upper tile. If these two blocked tiles remain one of their kind, the Mahjong solitaire game won’t be won.

Train Your Visual Memory

Some Mahjong tiles look very similar, especially the ones from the same category. It is to your advantage to notice tiny details and remember the tiles’ locations to resolve the puzzle quicker. It is especially important if you pay much attention to timing when playing Mahjong solitaire online.

Focus Well

Mahjong solitaire requires exceptional focus. You have to pay attention to the tiles’ patterns, the best strategies, the blocked and revealed elements, and more. Train your ability to distract your mind from the outside world and stay concentrated until the challenge is resolved. Finally, it is a good skill for daily life as well!

Use Hints

Since online Mahjong solitaire allows using hints, consider using it. You can avoid this trick later, but at first, it can show how to organize your thoughts and attention to notice good pairs. Playing Mahjong solitaire with hints only can be boring, but if you refer to them when stuck, it is a beneficial tool.

What Is the History of Mahjong Solitaire?

Mahjong solitaire has Chinese origins. It is also called ‘Shanghai’ sometimes. The first similar games played with tiles and requiring matching were played even in the 12th century. However, the Mahjong solitaire we know today started to gain popularity in this Asian country in the early 19th century. For some people, it was associated with the fall of the Ming Dynasty and was not favored. Still, with time, this unique and inspiring puzzle started spreading across the globe.

Mahjong solitaire reached America only in the middle of the 20th century. It was mostly popular among young mothers and was one of the favorite activities for women on summer vacations. In China, on the other hand, it is usually an activity for the elderly. It helps them socialize and connect.

An interesting fact is that although now Mahjong solitaire is mostly a game you play alone, it can involve up to four players, especially when played with real tiles. It also has a lot of variations just like card solitaire. It is not surprising because initially, there were no particular rules, and people in different areas or countries could play it differently. So, even though now we have a version with fundamental rules, other variations of Mahjong exist too.

So, if you want to try classic Mahjong Solitaire, free websites offer you such a chance. You can play the same game people all over the world have been playing for centuries now.

What is Mahjong: Solitaire or Another Kind of Game?

Despite other origins and history, Mahjong is a type of solitaire, even though it looks different. It is based on clearing the tableau by following specific matching rules and includes blocked and revealed elements just like solitaire. You should use strategic thinking, reveal more and more tiles to win, and use some other tips used in solitaire games played with cards.

Moreover, not all solitaire games look the same or have the same rules. For example, Pyramid Solitaire has another shape of the tableau, while Golf solitaire is focused on the card ranks instead of suits. There are hundreds of solitaire games, and the only question is whether you enjoy playing some of them or not.

Mahjong solitaire free online games are available as widely as the classic one, though their variety is smaller. To play the basic one, explore our website and give Mahjong solitaire a try.

Are You Ready to Play?

On our website, you can try free online Mahjong Solitaire games, no downloads are needed. Mahjong solitaire is an amazing tool for improving your focus and attention. You have to be aware of several rules and a wide layout all at once, and it can boost your strategic thinking. So, take a moment in your hectic day, clear your mind, concentrate on the process, and enjoy online Mahjong solitaire!